2015 Growing Baby Tara • Nathalie's pregnancy

To celebrate baby Tara's long-awaited arrival on Mother Earth, here are the pictures of Nathalie, beautiful mama-to-be who has been waiting for her little miracle for a long while now.

As long as I remember, I've always thought she'd be such a great mom: the way she is around children is so sweet and encouraging and loving, a real treat for all children.

Now her most precious wish has finally come true and I had the honour of capturing her growing belly: I loved our little impromptu session, she was so easy to work with and just thinking that she has now join motherhood made it all the more amazing and sweeter.

Two little out-takes from the session:
With my own little miracle, because a pregnant mom-to-be and a baby is just so cute...Untitled
And my little poupée waiting in the stroller while we took pictures, she was so patient with us.

Creating cards and CD covers

I've found a new love in creating things from the pictures I take: I recently put together a thank you card for a new family and my in-laws asked me to create an invitation for the 90th birthday of Mémée Rosa. I had so much fun, it was so fulfilling to do and I got to choose what I wanted to do with a little text they provided (in Dutch). It was just perfect.


I also created the envelop to send away, it made me happy to have the guests guess what it was all about!

I created two different ones: I thought that since her name is Rosa, I'd use a lot of pink. But it was a little too much and my love said blue would be great and so I tried and it definitely did. My in-laws chose the blue one indeed.
I can't wait to see Rosa's reaction when she'll see the card. I hope she'll love it. In the meantime: lips sealed, it's still a secret!


I also had a few newborn photoshoots and I always provide a CD with all the pictures in web-format. Here is the last example of what I've done with the covers of the CDs, which are as much fun to create as a card:

pillow by Karen Davis

Here is the first Cd cover I made out of the pictures I took of Ella's sister, Lieze:


And below is an idea I had for a new family, how cute is Wout looking at his parents like this?

IMG_6783 (1)family-curved_sign2

Baby Thank-you Cards

I had a lovely photoshoot with this family and they asked me to put together a thank-you card that they could give/send to the people who celebrated the birth of their first child with them. I had so much fun doing this, it's one of the most rewarding and creative and beautiful things to do. I can't wait to do more in the future.

Kaartje Wout (copyright)

2012 Baby Photoshoot • 6-month-old Baby Girl, Lieze

Lieze is 6 months old! And she's cute and funny and loves her teddy bears. But she loves Mom and Dad the most:

Lieze_zesmaanden I_signLieze_zesmaanden III_signLieze_zesmaanden IV_signLieze_zesmaanden II_signLieze_zesmaanden V_signLieze_zesmaanden VI_sign Lieze_zesmaanden VIII_signLieze_zesmaanden VII_sign

Summer is here!

Summer has finally decided to join us and it feels good, oh yes, it feels good!
Can't wait for all the fun we'll have in the sun this year!


Made my first Etsy sale!

Screen Shot 2012-10-23 at 10.47.54
I'm very lucky to have friends that are really supportive.

If you're interested in buying Christmas cards, have a look at my EtsyShop. Thanks.
Screen shot 2011-12-15 at 23.18.43

Avenue de Tervuren flowers

I was working in Brussels (Belgium) today and on my way back to the metro, I noticed that the avenue was covered with beautiful parterres of flowers. They were mostly the same but their colours differed.
IMG_1737 IMG_1740IMG_1736IMG_1738 IMG_1739
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