Creating cards and CD covers

I've found a new love in creating things from the pictures I take: I recently put together a thank you card for a new family and my in-laws asked me to create an invitation for the 90th birthday of Mémée Rosa. I had so much fun, it was so fulfilling to do and I got to choose what I wanted to do with a little text they provided (in Dutch). It was just perfect.


I also created the envelop to send away, it made me happy to have the guests guess what it was all about!

I created two different ones: I thought that since her name is Rosa, I'd use a lot of pink. But it was a little too much and my love said blue would be great and so I tried and it definitely did. My in-laws chose the blue one indeed.
I can't wait to see Rosa's reaction when she'll see the card. I hope she'll love it. In the meantime: lips sealed, it's still a secret!


I also had a few newborn photoshoots and I always provide a CD with all the pictures in web-format. Here is the last example of what I've done with the covers of the CDs, which are as much fun to create as a card:

pillow by Karen Davis

Here is the first Cd cover I made out of the pictures I took of Ella's sister, Lieze:


And below is an idea I had for a new family, how cute is Wout looking at his parents like this?

IMG_6783 (1)family-curved_sign2

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