Camera problems

When I was in Germany last weekend, I noticed something was wrong with my camera: I  took it to be repaired back in January because the shutter-curtains broke in a middle of a session. When I got it back, I noticed they didn't put the same kind of curtains and that my camera was really slow but I thought it needed some getting used to.

I use the 24/70mm f2.8 lens most of the time now and usually when I take a picture at f2.8, the light comes in like a beautiful flow of positive energy. But now it gives me this:
While when I shoot at f22, it's clear...
Here are the EXIF infos from flickr:
Screen shot 2012-04-09 at 15.42.24
Screen shot 2012-04-09 at 15.42.09
When I saw this, I wasn't sure I didn't do something wrong myself, like a wrong setting or manipulation and I also noticed black spots. I first thought they were there because I took pictures from inside the car/bus (even though the first pics are taken outside, while we walked to the station).
Here you can actually see the spots better (disgusting!):
I believe I'm going to have to take it back and I'm really pissed about that: I have to drive 1 hour to get there and then I'll have to wait another 6 weeks to get it back and for goodness's sake, it's SPRING!!! The season I shoot the most.
Though, I'm going to try a few things like put all the settings back and clean my camera + lenses thoroughly and try once more and see what happens.

{I don't understand how people who are supposed to be professionals can't do their job properly the first time you ask, this gets me soooo angry... The older I get the more I lose faith in people. Nowadays, most of them don't know how to do their own job properly anymore. People assume you won't do anything if it's not like what you asked because we try to be kind and nice to one another. I'm tired of being nice to those f-ing people who just take advantage of us. I won't be nice anymore.}

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