30 days, a challenge - Two

What I wore today wasn't as fashionable and pretty and well-gathered. What I wore today was comfortable, cute and I felt at ease wearing them. That's how I like it. Especially on days off.

I'm not particularly well in sync with fashion because I am overweight and don't really like my body. Not that you can't be super fashionable when you're overweight, here's the proof. I'm not, well to tell the truth, I've never been really interested in fashion. I love what I love and I make lots of mistakes in my outfits but for me comfort is the clue. I usually would wear something that'll hide the parts I dislike the most (belly, bottom, upper-legs, upper-arms).

Today's white/grey/pink top does just the trick: it's flared enough but well-cut under the breast. The dark blue cardigan I'm wearing have half sleeves and I was wearing black blueish leggings and red nail polish on my toes. My hair was very messy but a bit curly.  I don't wear it often loose.

30 days - two
This is actually the outfit I wanted to show because I like it but I thought it was cheating if I used it and the pictures weren't that great.
IMG_7470 IMG_7471
I also spent most of the day bare-foot.

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