30 days, a challenge - One

I've done some self-portraits before, but I'm not often happy about how they turn out because I don't like myself on pictures (or in general). Also I'm not pushing myself enough most of the times and I end up trying to have a decent picture at the last minute, and I can tell you, you can try all you want, sunlight is the best there is for a great portrait.

I chose to take this self in our bedroom which is blue wallpapered. I put on my blue tunic and shot. I knew blue was the right decision from the first shot and since I have blue eyes, I thought I could do something that could bring my eyes to 'pop' a little. Then I had to make the one picture that I'd like enough to put here.
30 days - one
IMG_7431 IMG_7422
IMG_7411 IMG_7416


  1. i found you via the notebook doodle,and i am discovering your blog... and love this idea; that last shot is so cheeky and mischievous!
    x sandra

  2. Hi Sandra, ou devrais-je dire 'bonjour'! =)
    Thanks for your sweet comment, it really makes me feel happy about this challenge.
    Will you do the challenge too? =D


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