30 days, a challenge - Nineteen

I went to the grocery store to snap something orange.
You'd think it's an easy task, but no, it wasn't.
If you ask me why, I'd say it's easy to find anything, but when you look for something specific, then the trouble comes. Of course there are many orange things in a grocery store, the question is: how do you make them look pretty?

My first instinct was to go to the flowers stand. I was lucky to find that there were some orange flowers. Unfortunately, the picture wasn't as great: very blurry and not well-framed. Because in a shop, you can't take your time taking pictures, it's something you can't really do.

So I snapped. A few more items. And then at the end, when I felt I didn't find anything and would look at home (I'm not even sure I have anything orange), I caught sight of those cute birthday candles. At first I wanted to take just a picture of one of them and then I realized I could try and find today's number. For a moment I really thought I wouldn't find an orange 9 but it was well hidden.

30 days - nineteen
orange2 orange4 orange3

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