30 days, a challenge - Seventeen

Technology has grown so much over the past years that sometimes I can barely keep up. But I like to know what's new and what's interesting to use and how they made it and what it can do to help us in our everyday life.

We use a lot of technologies nowadays for many reasons and purposes.
What I like the most is my iMac. It's so beautifully made and so easy to use and it just keeps everything I love (mostly photography but also all my CDs music too) safe and in one place.
I love my iPhone too because it's really practical and there is so much you can do with it anywhere you are. Plus a new way of taking pictures.

Though I chose our lovely bathroom radio to be my subject for today's challenge: I love the design a lot and the sound is perfect for such a tiny space. The colors go perfectly and it's safe in a humid space. It's also very simple to use and we've never had problems (though we never changed the clock!).

30 days - seventeen
My working space.
Not too glamourous but hopefully this will change very soon.

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