30 days, a challenge - Eight

Bad habit: synonyms faux pas, impropriety, indiscretion, minor fault, minor infraction, minor sin, misdemeanor, petty offense, slight transgression, small infraction, small sin, venial sin, vice...

bad: -adjective-
  1. not good in any manner or degree
  2. having a wicked or evil behavior; morally reprehensible
  3. inadequate or below standard
  4. inaccurate,  incorrect or faulty
habit: -noun-
  1. a tendency or disposition to act in a particular way
  2. established custom, usual practice, etc.
  3. psychol. a learned behavioral response that has become associated with a particular situation, esp. one frequently repeated
  4. mental disposition or attitude
Showing your bad habits to the world is not an easy one. Especially when during the day, the only thing you think about is all the bad habits you really have:
  • not making the bed after I get up,
  • not doing what I have to do when I said I'd do it,
  • not being on time,
  • not being active/productive enough,
  • not taking enough care of myself,
  • playing games instead of answering emails,
  • playing games instead of cleaning the apartment,
  • playing games instead of editing,
  • playing games instead of enjoying the good weather outside,
  • playing games instead of reading a good book,
  • and this list can go on and on and on...
I guess we all have our faults but when it comes to our own, we sometimes don't see them as if they're annoying until you really get to think about it. We don't really integrate them in who we really are and this is dangerous, it can ruin a relationship.

I don't want people to make me change for the bad reasons but I really appreciate constructive criticism and when I asked my sister, who spent a week with her boyfriend at our place to tell me what I should change and do differently, she told me what you can see on the picture: "Don't spend your time behind your iPhone during dinner, stay with us, talk to us, put it aside!". I didn't realize until then that I was doing it this much. And I'm ever so glad she pointed it out.

30 days - eight
I take pictures of what I eat everyday. Posting them to Instagram.

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