30 days, a challenge - Five

From the beginning I pictured the high angle shot in my mind: our 5th floor balcony with its glass windows reflects the road and I found it perfect for this day's challenge.

At first the pictures didn't look as good as when I look everyday, maybe because there is no motion in a picture but then I took the second picture (underneath) and could really feel how high it looked. However I didn't choose that one because I really wanted to show how high we were living not how small I was.

I wish some bicycle would have come there but I didn't get lucky: when you see people walking or cycling, it really look different.

30 days - five
highangle1 highangle2 
This one makes me laugh because I didn't see there was someone parked there and when I looked at the pictures and saw the car and the people, I looked down and the man was looking up.
That was one of those moments that will always bring a smile to your face.

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