30 days, a challenge - Twelve

At first, I really thought today's sunset would be disappointing, probably after seeing a wonderfully magnificent one in Rhodes and the one Melanie took as well.

But it turned out to be really nice and surprisingly original. I love that we can see the sun's flares going up the sky as if it'd like to come back shining on our part of Earth.

I believe that sunsets are really a gift Earth gives us everyday and we should try and enjoy them as much as we can. None is similar to the other and you'll be surprised at how pleasing it can be to just enjoy some nature's love.

30 days - twelve


  1. love this challenge! and you took some great shots!

  2. beautiful shots! keep up the good work! :)

  3. thanks Miriam, I'll try to upload all the rest this weekend! =)


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